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mobile application lounge

Mobile Applications Lounge

With the number of Mobile subscribers in India reaching 900 million mark and the announcement of Mobile Governance Policy by Government of India, the Indian mobile applications industry is set to witness the unprecedented opportunities in leading the space globally with increased customer demand, expanding innovation, and a forward leaning perspective.

The Mobile Applications Lounge, to be hosted during e-Gov World 2012 offers the ideal venue for showcasing your mobile applications and interact with the key decision makers from government, industry and multilateral agencies.

Value Proposition for Exhibitors at Mobile Applications Lounge

Participating in e-Gov World 2012 by taking Exhibition Stall in Mobile Applications Lounge allows your company to engage with the highest levels of your target audience, opening doors for your people to connect, network and do business. Exhibiting industry players will get exposure to a premiere group of important government decision makers, multilateral agency representatives, mobile industry players and civil society organizations thus creating opportunities for:

  • Showcase your applications live to the target customers

  • Face-to-face meetings with prospective clients

  • Recognition of products and services and mapping of your applications to the domain of public service delivery

  • Forging New partnerships and alliances

  • Ensure the highest level of exposure for your company thus having an edge over your competition

Booking you Stand at Mobile Applications Lounge

Exhibition stands in Mobile Applications Lounge are charged per square metre and can be booked as an all-inclusive shell scheme package. Following additional benefits will be available to the exhibitors:

  • All exhibitors receive two complimentary conference participation passes and ten Exhibition Visitor Passes.

  • A brief profile of the exhibitors will be hosted on the conference web site for three months post conference

  • The profile of the exhibiting companies will be printed in the conference proceedings report that will be published post conference and distributed to all the speakers and participants in the electronics as well as print format.

Please contact Ms. Bharti Tanwar ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for further details on booking your stall. Please send your queries ASAP as the exhibition space in Mobile Applications Lounge is limited and is allotted strictly on first come first serve basis.

Past Partners

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Media Partner-goodgov
Price Water House Coopers
Tata Telecom
Telecom Partner
Institutional Partners

Secretariat Info

e-Gov World 2012 Secretariat
252H, First Floor, Kailash Plaza,
Sant Nagar, East Of Kailash,
New Delhi-110065, India.
Ph: +91-11-47521742/46516936
Fax: +91-11-41620171
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